Sunday, October 11, 2009

Denali's Excellent Adventure

So, the first post is always the toughest; trying to think of some starting point, some event to kick things off with. Well, I moved to Cape May, New Jersey on August 24th, leaving behind a lifetime (well 50 years so far!) of birding in the UK to become Cape May's latest 'Brit at the Point'. I intended starting a blog as soon as I moved over but, there was just so much to do that I just didn't get time until now! (Oh yes, and the technology got the better of me for a while - and probably will do for a while longer yet!).

So we've done with all the immigration paperwork - the permanent residency card is safely in my mitts, I have a New Jersey driving license (sitting the theory test for that one was interesting for a Brit!) and we've finally got bank accounts set up and mobile phones ever at the ready for the latest hot news. We've also bought ourselves a couple of cars, but there's still a house to sort out. So, we're currently renting a little two-bedroom place - but what a great location. We have two acres of land, running straight back into hundreds of acres of forest, all part of the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge.

We have a certain young bear called Denali who made the crossing with us and some of the trials and tribulations of moving to the US are best told with pictures from Denali's own scrapbook.

The first strong hint we had that Denali wanted to leave
 the English weather behind and head for the USA!!

Our Worldly possessions are packed and ready to leave the UK.

 The jolly Pickfords men load the shipping container

The Container all ready to go

 Denali all set with our final belongings

Travelling is tough for a bear - Oxford Bus Station at 5am!

Our US Airways plane, waiting to take us to a new life across the old Herring pond

Denali enjoys the view, having passed safely through the security checks

And what a great view it was as we enjoyed clear skies over the northern tundra of Canada

Through all the security checks at Philadelphia Airport, Denali eventually made it to the rental car without having any veterinary checks!

Wahoo, the USA - Denali cruises past the Philadelphia Eagles Football Ground on I-95

Out of Pennsylvania and into New Jersey, Denali gets his first sight of
 Route 55 - the gateway to Cape May!

At last a sensible picture! So here's our house - at least until we can afford one of our own! It's only small but the garden is fabulous.

Denali soon settles into American ways - first trying the local drinks....

...then getting aquainted with the local wildlife - yes, at last, the first bird but this is the first post and you've got to set the scene haven't you! Spot the juvenile Ruby-throated Hummingbird on top of the feeder bracket. The garden list has begun!

September 4th and our wordly possessions arrive, having travelled from Norfolk to Felixstowe to New York to Cape May.

The Allied Removals boys soon have our gear off-loaded - despite the temperatures being well into the 80s Fahrenheit!

Hmmmm! Looks like it could be a while before we can join Denali on the sofa!

Well. we're here now; let's look forward to some great wildlife from now on - and the excitement of year-round migration which is the very essence of life at Cape May!